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Keep Your Home Pest Free All Year Round with Our Annual Prescription Pest Control Plan

With our prescription plan, we guarantee to keep your home pest free all year round.

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We only require one visit to your home to keep you pest free for the next 12 months!

Keep your home protected all year round with our annual prescription pest protection plan.

Our expert technicians only need to visit your home once per year to provide customized treatments for common pests and prevent any future infestations.

With this plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is always protected without the hassle of multiple visits throughout the year.

And if any pests do return, then so do we – at no charge.

Where do bugs live inside your home?

Understanding how your home is built is the key to knowing how insects get into your home, where they nest inside your home, and how they travel through your home. We have used this understanding to develop a prescription treatment plan that is designed to protect your home, your children, your pets, and your health from the inside out.

Here is how it works:

#1 – The Attic

Let’s start at the top of your house in the attic. Unless your home has a flat roof or full cathedral ceiling, it has an attic. The attic may or may not be accessible to people, but many different insects love to call it home. The dark, warm environment is the perfect nesting place for large roaches, silverfish, carpenter ants, and various types of “sugar ants”. Many times homeowners will also use the attic for storage of seasonal items and overflow. Depending on the construction of your attic, how you use it, and what types of insect problems you have determines how we treat it. We will either treat it by spreading baited granules throughout or by applying a moisture-proof dust.

#2 – The Electrical System

The electrical system of your home is like our interstate highway system to the bugs that get into your home. All of the wiring travels through the attic and then drops down into every room of your house. Ants and silverfish use these electrical highways to travel from room to room inside your house behind the protection of the walls. We remove the accessible outlet covers in your home and treat the hidden highways your unwelcome guests travel on. If outlets are blocked by furniture or being used by appliances, computers, and TV’s, etc, then we cannot treat them. If you make them accessible by moving your furniture or unplugging them, then we will be happy to treat them.

#3 – The Plumbing Network

The plumbing network that goes through your home is how most roaches get into your home. They jump on the pipes in the attic or crawl space and then travel around the dark, moist areas that the pipes go to. This is why most roaches are seen in the kitchen, bath, or laundry areas. We treat these areas with a waterproof dust in all the locations that we can access.

#4 – The Cabinetry

The cabinetry inside the home makes the perfect residence for roaches. Close access to food and water combined with many hidden nesting spots create the ideal environment for a small problem to grow into a large one. In the past cabinets were treated with poison sprays that required the applicator to wear safety equipment because of the danger. The Bug Doctor uses a gel bait that is applied to the corners, cracks, and crevices of the cabinetry. German roaches typically are brought into the home in bags of produce or boxes from infested locations. This bait provides a food source for the roaches that will kill them before they can start reproducing in your home.

#5 – The Crawl Space

If your home has a crawl space, it is the preferred nesting location for the big American roach, or as it is affectionaly know around here, “The Palmetto Bug”. Rodents and other small animals also love crawl spaces. Not only do we treat the crawl space for insects, but we also inspect for animals, for damaged duct work or insulation, for leaking pipes, for termites, and for other problems that you are not able to inspect for yourself.

#6 – The Door’s, Window’s, and Eaves

The doors, windows, and eaves of your home is the primary enty point for outside unwanted visitors. We apply a residual barrier to these areas that will kill bugs on their way in to your house. Many people pressure wash their home annually and this removes our protective barrier. We will re-apply this treatment at no charge one time per year if you pressure wash.

#7 – The Foundation Perimiter

The foundation of the house is often the first contact that insects make with your home. The landscaping often will provide shelter and nesting areas for insects and other problems. We treat the foundation with both a liquid residual spray and a granular time-release product that will protect your perimter during the year.

Our Guarantee

All of the products that we use are made to last for a year or more. For that reason, they only need to be applied once per year. We warranty our service for one year and if you find live bugs during the year that are covered under your warranty, we will retreat for those bugs at no charge. If you find dead bugs, this means that the treatment is still working, and a problem was avoided. We have not been able to make the bugs go outside before they die. If we don’t solve your problem, we refund the cost of your treatment in full.

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